A Reliable and Amazing Concrete Hardscape Contractor!

Do you want to add some variety to your garden’s features? Hardscaping is a great option! It can be used for pathways, edging, and even as a framing for your flower beds. And concrete is a very flexible material that can easily be shaped into different designs. Plus, it requires little maintenance and is long-lasting. If you decide to have a hardscape feature made up of concrete, consider hiring a professional concrete hardscape contractor like Anne's Landscaping Services. We can properly install hardscape features such as concrete retaining walls on the properties of our clients in Urbandale, IA.

Why Choose Concrete?

Professional Hardscape Contractor in Urbandale IAUsing concrete for your hardscape feature is a great idea for a few reasons. First, concrete is a totally sturdy material that can withstand constant wear and tear. It won’t easily get really damaged unless you purposely try to cause damage to it. Second, it requires less maintenance compared to other materials. You don’t have to water it, mulch it, or even clean it. It will be maintenance-free. And third, it is water-resistant, which makes it perfect for outdoor settings. It can withstand changes in weather conditions. So, if you decide to choose concrete for your hardscape feature, hire professionals like us to install them for you.

We Can Install Concrete Hardscape Features!

Our hardscape installation work follows procedures properly so that there won’t be any issues post-installation. We’ll start with the concrete base first, making sure that it is completely ready before we start with the installation process. We’ll use professional and proper tools for the task so we can correctly install each concrete block. Rest assured that the concrete that we’ll be using will be of excellent quality so that it will last a long time. In no time, you’ll have a concrete hardscape feature that looks great and is tough enough to withstand strong winds and other elements.

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Anne's Landscaping Services is a professional concrete hardscape contractor who can install concrete retaining walls on the properties of our clients. Do you want a concrete hardscape feature to be installed on your property in Urbandale, IA? You’ve come to the right place. Give us a call (515) 206-6100.